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Diverse Portfolios.

Networked Insurance Partners. 

onPointe Insurance Consultancy LLC
a specialized consultancy serving well-established clients,
startups, and businesses seeking fresh perspectives.

Founded in 2008, onPointe has evolved into an acknowledged solution provider, with services including product development, product launch support and assistance aligning distribution companies with A rated MGU’s.

We help clients launch into the global market by offering full range start up services through our network of global insurance partners and business associations. Our track record includes the successful development of a $50 M global travel insurance portfolio, NGO products, Embassy portfolios and IPMI, all supported by strategic marketing operations and digital media partnerships.



Our mission is to provide fully integrated insurance advisory services, to enable clients to launch into the global market. We offer a full range of start-up services, through our network of global insurance partners and business associations.

Advisory Services

Product development, product launches, aligning distribution companies with MGU’s for “A” rated paper and supporting clients through our global network of insurance partners and business associations.


We excel in enhancing profitability through partnerships with KPI-driven claims, TPA organizations and skilled adjudication processes.

Key Portfolios

Travel, yachting, Embassy portfolios, NGO products and IPMI, backed by strategic marketing and operational support.


onPointe global network of insurance partners provides access to multinational expertise in regulated and non-regulated environments, ensuring success in off-shore as well as traditional insurance markets.

Marine & Aviation

Exceptional coverage with highly rated carriers and asset protection


onPointe stands at the forefront of marine and aviation insurance, specializing in bespoke coverage for high-net-worth individuals’ luxury yachts and private jets.

Leveraging an exclusive international provider network, onPointe ensures unparalleled strategic asset management, in a marketplace mostly limited by conventional one-size-fits-all offerings.

With over 27 years of innovation, onPointe global partnerships enable us to deliver tailored, cutting-edge solutions that safeguard your investments.

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